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We reconcile your books and get them in order so that we can look at the big picture. Once we can see how your business is running, we can find ways to improve your cash flow and cut down on extra waste.

Wondering how that’s possible? Here is an example of how it works:

R.W. sold electronics on Amazon and on other online platforms. He came to Prime Count with a strange problem. While he was selling a large volume, mostly on Amazon, he wasn’t seeing much profit. After signing on with us for only 2 months, we were able to isolate the problems with his business. He thought that just focusing on selling a large volume would be enough to make his business thrive, but we were able to show him were he was making a profit and where he was wasting his time. and change them around to a profitable business. Once we helped him streamline his business, he saw the growth he was looking for.

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