About Us

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming out on the web. Numerous different software that don’t connect to each other, tax laws seem to change from day to day, and all of the regular headaches that can come with running a business. Prime Count was started for the express reason of cutting through all of the hassle, the headache and the red tape. We are here to help small-medium sized businesses flourish on the web.

We are also  ✓CPA supervised and ✓10+ years in business

About You

You are a highly intelligent and successful entrepreneur with little training, experience, or fluency in the
language of digits. You want to know the story of your future fortunes. Luckily, you’ve reached PRIME
COUNT Your success story starts here.

About What We Do

Why You Benefit

  • You are kept up to date informed and knowledgeable
  • You stay on track, in compliance and profitable
  • You gain the insight and foresight you need to accelerate your business

How we operate:

We bond with the person behind the business. We believe in building relationships and connecting with people. We work with your preferences  – how else?

The Minds Behind Prime Count

Mordechai Tannenbaum

Mordechai received his BS in Accounting from Excelsior College. Since then, Mordechai has been doing accounting for over 10 years. With a focus on bookkeeping and a passion for technology, Mordechai is the perfect person to help YOU understand how to optimize your online business.

Devorie Tannenbaum

Devorie worked for a prominent accounting firm for over 15 years where she gained in depth knowledge and expertise in taxes and accounting. She brings that knowledge with her to Prime Count, giving clients insight into their business stats, and finances with monthly reporting, expenses and budgeting. By providing each and every client with the absolute best, personal service, she ensures your satisfaction and understanding of YOUR account status.